New Disorder

The Angel of Chaos

Urban Scriptures, Annotations and Prophecies

Shards of graffiti reveal broken, unhinged figures peering through the urban chaos. These expressive works of art expose an underworld of psychological disorder whilst mirroring the evolving nature of the streets.

Abstract spatial relationships form a complexity of meaning infused with bitterness, irony and dark humour. In these powerful and emotional works, the paint seems to take on a life of it's own, flowing and reaching out to form abstract, organic mysteries that tell of a fragmented, chaotic world.

Expressionistic brush strokes form psychological webs of screaming colour. Tempestuous surfaces of grand interlocking shapes reflect a precarious balance between destruction and spiritual rebirth, whilst capturing the urgency of urban life and feelings of isolation.

The work has an immediate and vital energy. Paint is allowed to drip down, and areas are quickly worked over and brutally discarded. The massive expanse of rich colour and violent brush strokes owes as much to Abstract Expressionism as it does to Contemporary Urban Art.

Through juxtaposition and slight alteration, slogans and images collide and twisted conjunctions occur. Visceral forms sit within scenes of chaotic violence. Distorted and isolated, they speak of horror, revulsion and loneliness.


"Breaking out of the asylum would be complete madness."

Urban Art

  © angel 41 : slowly sucking the vapour out of cloud cuckoo land
Angels drip from rorschach skies, dropped stitches falling without trace.
Paint clouds gather above industrial horizons, naked tie-dye torso's form a godlike face.
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