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angel 41 : rising from the streets

Every piece of art created by angel 41 is digitally exhibited here for the whole world to see. This gallery serves as an ongoing historical catalogue of all work produced by the artist from February 2007 and onwards.

Below are the collections currently on show.

abstract minded collection abyss collection adrift collection aligning chaos collection amid collection amnesia collection amongst us collection amorphous asylum collection angel rust collection anger management collection askew collection astronaut collection asylum collection aura collection avoid collection awol collection backstreet surgery collection bad line collection balloon collection bass head collection beautiful mind collection belief system collection biological warfare collection bipolar region collection blast collection bloodline collection blue collection book face collection bpm collection brainwashed collection breakdown broken home broken spirits brushed aside burning bridges burning innocence butterfly posting circus collection city breaks collection coast collection cold war collection collide collection colony collection colourful past collection comical reaction collection condemned nation collection construct collection contanimation collection control freak collection core collection corrosion collection corrugating agency collection crusader collection cryptical mass collection daily demons collection dark companion collection dark matter collection dead cities collection dead pixels collection deep winter collection defaced collection degenerate collection die young collection disintegration collection disorderly fashion collection distance collection distressed damsels collection doomed romance collection downfall architect collection drawn apart collection drop collection dumb foundation collection duress collection dying sun collection electronic tag collection embodied collection embrace madness collection emptiness collection entangled collection exposure collection extreme fashion collection eye candy collection facial expressionism collection factory collection fall girl collection fallen angel collection falling apart collection fallout collection fashion victim collection figment collection fineline collection fog head collection foundations collection framed collection frozen explosion collection full moon collection furnace collection gangland collection gazing collection ghetto collection ghost writer collection giants collection glance collection glitch collection god damaged collection godforsaken frock collection gone collection gotham pretty collection graft collection graphic hovel collection guardian angel collection half life collection halo down collection hard lines collection harshlands collection head fuck collection head trauma collection heart strings collection hibernation collection holes collection holy shit collection hoodie collection ho town collection human remains collection id collection ikon foundry collection imagine collection imaginary fiends collection inbred line collection incarnate collection incomplete collection inner turmoil collection insufficient memory collection intense collection intense city collection internal rain collection isolated case collection in pieces jaw droppers lands end collection landwritten collection leave behind collection left wanting collection life story collection lifelines collection light headed collection limbo collection limelight collection lipstick collection little terrors collection little wrongs collection lordsprayer collection losing it collection lost angel collection marred land collection mass destruction collection material possession collection media whore collection medication time collection memory blots collection metropolis collection missed collection mistaken collection model army collection molten collection monumental state collection mood swing collection morality bends collection mortarhead collection mutations collection napalm trees collection narcissist collection narcotic moves collection neighbourhood collection network 41 collection never rains collection northern soul collection nostalgia collection nowhere collection numb collection nuthouse flowers collection obscenery collection oneliner collection on pins collection other place collection outbreak collection outlandish collection outpatients collection own demons collection own world collection oxymoron collection palette life collection parting company collection pasting collection passage way collection penance collection pendulum collection peripheral vision collection perish magazine collection pharmacy collection pilgrim collection plastic bitch collection prism collection psychiatric wing collection psychiatrist collection psychological warfare collection quarantine collection quiet moments collection quondam sky collection rainfall collection reality check collection reborn collection rehab collection relapse collection relic collection remnants collection remote collection respite collection revolt collection revolution head collection rip syncing collection rise collection road rage collection route 41 collection rorschach redemption collection ruined collection run free collection rush collection scarred core collection schizo collection scorched collection scorned collection scrapcollection scraping through collection sectioned collection seeing things collection sex bomb collection shedding collection siamese dream collection sick city collection sleepless city collection small faces collection smog collection snowfall collection sparks collection spontaneous consumption collection spyder collection soul pollution collection starklife collection stealth angel collection stone skies collection storm out collection stranded collection street preacher collection street spirit collection stripped collection stripped wings collection strokes collection subhuman collection suit collection sundown collection surface collection switchblade collection teenage angst collection tempest collection tethers end collection threads collection time wasters collection tokes quantity collection tortured souls collection townfall collection tribal collection turbulence collection turning collection umbra collection unbalanced collection unborn identity collection underground zero collection unforgiving collection unknown collection unstable android collection up collection uprising collection urban catwalk collection urban decay collection urban explorer collection urban fairy collection vacancies collection vandal eyes collection vandal skies collection verbal collection verge collection violent skies collection void collection walking disaster collection wall collection wall stories collection warhead collection warp spasm collection wasteland collection wearing thin weathering storms collection wired collection witch district collection withdrawn collection wonderland collection wornography collection wounded angel collection wreckage collection wrong collection

Collections are listed alphabetically. The artworks within are listed chronologically.

If you wish to see artworks in chronolgical order outside of their collections please visit the works archive :
archive angel

  © angel 41 : slowly sucking the vapour out of cloud cuckoo land
Angels drip from rorschach skies, dropped stitches falling without trace.
Paint clouds gather above industrial horizons, naked tie-dye torso's form a godlike face.
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